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Ana Maria Oviedo Palomares

Ana Maria Oviedo Palomares: Born 1964 in Trujillo, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. A relevant aspect of my work has been facilitating reading and creative writing workshops for young people. I have represented my country in different national and international events, such as the Havana Book Fair (2006 and 2012), the International Meeting of Women Writers Caracas 2020 and the International Poetry Festival of Medellin (2021). I have published the books “De fuego o de ceniza” and “Dominio oscuro” (both 1997);” Flor de sal” (2003); “Ruegos” (2004); “Crueles, treinta y siete canciones y un poema de amor” (2007) and the anthologies “Dominio Oscuro” (2007) & ” De fuego o de ceniza” (2019). Other My books “Flor de Sal” and “Crueles” are also published in digital format by the magazine “Tinta China”, Seville. Texts of mine also appeared in several anthologies and have been translated into Arabic, Italian and Portuguese.