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Denis Skofic

Denis Škofič (1985, Slovenia) is an author and literary critic. His poetry debut, The Birdwalker (Sprehajalec ptic, 2013), was nominated both for the Jenko Award and for the Critics’ Sieve Award. Škofič’s second book of poetry, titled Seganje (“Reaching”, 2018), has also been translated into Greek and published by the Thraka publishing house. His short stories have been featured in Čečkarije in konfeti (“Scribbles and Confetti”, 2017), the anthology of the international Alpe Adria Vrane Festival of Forthcoming Literature, and in the anthology Petdeset izbranih kratkih zgodb avtorjev in avtoric, rojenih po 1980 (“Fifty Selected Short Stories by Authors Born after 1980”, 2019). In 2019, Škofič won Pranger’s poetry tournament, becoming a “Knight of Poetry”. His poems have been translated into English, Hungarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Czech, Slovak, and Greek. His third poetry book, titled Tuskulum (“Tusculum”), is set to be published in 2023.