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Elias Melios

Elias Melios was born in Kalamata in October 1959. He studied at the Athens University of Economics and Business. Over time, both individually and collectively, he has been engaged in poetry, prose, essay, criticism, drawing, collage, mail-art, micro-book art, music, internet radio production, editing and publication of books and magazines. He participated in the publication of the fanzines “In a minor key” and “Din”, as well as in the surrealist magazine “Klidonas”. He was also the publisher of the literary magazine “West Indies”.
He has written the following poetry collections: Baroque proverbs (1988), Examples 1987 (1989), How to forget Constantinople? (1991), Herat (1998), Breaths of Eros (2003), Al-Agonia (2007) and 9 Collages-1 Message-8 Phrases (2011).