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Tassoula Tsilimeni

Tasoula Tsilimeni is a professor at the University of Thessaly, where she teaches Narrative, Fiction, Creative Writing and Children’s/Adolescent Literature. She founded and directs the online journal for the study and research of Children’s Literature keimena ( She is a founding member of the Panhellenic Society of Friends of Narrative (POfA) and its President, as well as the Director of the Museum of Children’s & Adolescent Literature (MPEL), which was founded on her initiative. Apart from her scientific and teaching work in academic institutions in Greece and abroad, she is involved in writing texts for children and adults (prose and poetry). For many years she was a member of the State Prize Committee of the Ministry of Culture. Her writings have been included in edited volumes and have been awarded by prestigious institutions.
Some of her books:
For adults
The button and other short stories (short stories, Kastaniotis, 2017)
The Afternoon Dissonance (poetry, Mandragoras 2021)