Patras World Poetry Festival 2021

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4th “Patras World Poetry Festival 2021

13th - 19th of December


This year, the 4th “Patras World Poetry Festival” boasts a variety of original literary events taking place between the 13th and 19th of December 2021, hosting a total of 70 poets from 20 different countries.

The occasion of a calendar year combining on one hand the memory of the Greek people’s fight for freedom, and on the other hand the contemporary experience of confinement, led us to this year’s thematic center: “CONFINEMENT-FREEDOM-HUMAN REVOLUTIONS”. We bring novel aims and ideas, along with a greater and more essential need for expression, synergy and communication.

For 2021, the festival’s programme will be extended from 4 days to 7, hosting a multitude of events for audiences and participants both Greek and foreign, raising the bar and aiming to establish a tradition of cultural celebration.

This year too, for its most part, the Festival will be held online, a blended programme combining physical and online activities as adjusted to Covid-19 regulations, in a shifting terrain of cultural events during the pandemic.

The events of the week’s programme will take place in three (3) different places in Patras, each one of them a space for hosting cultural events. The events will be broadcasted ONLINE on the website including both main and side events:

Main Events:

  • 15th-18th December 2021

Five (5) Online Poetry Meetings including Readings and Roundtables: There will be lecterns where the guest poets will be presented; their works will be read (in 2 languages). The guest poets will also participate in the roundtables and discuss topics revolving around poetry and criticism.

  • 18th December 2021

Online Award Ceremony for the Greek “Jean Moréas” Poetry Award for 2021: The annual ceremony for the “Jean Moréas” Awards for Greek poetic art and production in its entire spectrum.

  • 16th December 2021

Newcomer Poet Marathon: A night of presentations and readings of new poets, combining physical and online presence.

Parallel Events: (11th -19th of December 2021)

  • Festival Anthology: Limited trilingual book edition plus eBook.
  • Online shows:
  • #meet_the_poets: tributes and interviews online at the channel.
  • #videopoetry: presentation of video-poetry online.
  • Poetry Set to Singing: music radio tributes to poetry set to singing.
  • Exhibitions:
  • Poetry exhibition: presenting the works of poetry
  • Book exhibition of Newcomer Poets: presenting poetry collection books from new poets; participation from established poets and publishing houses.
  • Poetry Alley: Presentation of poets and poems (the ones participating in the festival) on a central pedestrian precinct of Patras.

During both the physical and the online events, there will be participation from internationally acclaimed academics, novelists, critics, and representatives of institutions.

The Patras World Poetry Festival 2021 is organized by the “Grafeion Poiiseos” Poetry Foundation, the literary website Culture Book (, while it is annually held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism*. The festival’s events are supported by the Greek Library of London, the University of Western Macedonia, the Hellenic Open University and many other esteemed institutions, since the festival takes place under the aegis of the Hellenic Republic’s President.

The Patras World Poetry Festival is one of the largest literary institutions in Greece, certainly the largest of its whole region, and it has already drawn attention amongst esteemed festivals internationally. Every year, the city of Patras hosts important figures of world literature and offers a richness of events, including poetry readings, seminars and cultural activities. The festival’s vision is to promote Greek literary expression worldwide and turn this capital of Western Greece into a European center for literary studies. Through its actions, the festival communicates with various departments of Greek literary studies all over the world and it chronicles contemporary poetic expression.

A detailed programme will soon be posted on the festival’s website


On behalf of the Scholarly Representatives

Kotopoulos H. Triantafyllos

Chair of the “Patras World Poetry Festival”

Skiathas D. Antonis

Chair of the “Grafeion Poiiseos” Poetry Fountation



Maria Alaniadi


Archival content available on 

Rocío Acebal Doval, Spain

Rocío Acebal Doval, SpainThe PoemsIT' IS NOT YOUIt's not habit – that sly milestoneof death-. Neither is itgoing to weddings alone or escapingsome foreignbedroom on Sundays; even less so is it makingdinner for two and dining alone.It's not eventhe lo...

Vladimir Martinovski, Republic of North Macedonia

Vladimir Martinovski, Republic of North Macedonia The PoemsFAMILY PORTRAIT Inspired by a black and white photographfrom the Museum ofPhotography in ParisThe Fatheris missingHe probably neverliked to have his picture taken(or maybe he's hidingbeh...

Kostas Gouliamos, Cyprus

Kostas Gouliamos, CyprusThe PoemsThere are surprises in the air I am considering a more spacious death Like the one your ink is shaping Because the time when planes hung from my neck has passed And I couldn't tell what was hiding behind the machine P...

Giorgos Christodoulides, Cyprus

Giorgos Christodoulides, CyprusThe PoemsRoaming the worldI met the man who remembered everything because he lived in a country without erasers and he was miserable. I met the man who couldn't recall his own name because where he lived Alzheimer's gre...

Ismael Diadié Haidara, Mali

Ismael Diadié Haidara, MaliThe PoemsThessaloniki                    To Edgar MorinAuschwitz is between me and my Jewish memory.I went to Athens and I can see the Parthenon, the theater and far away th...

Teresa Calderón, Chile

Teresa Calderón, ChileThe PoemsOF THE NAMELESS BIRDSAnd tomorrow,tomorrow what will become of the facesI invented to look for me,of the words I couldn´timagine in my presence.Tomorrow, I ask,what will become of the earthwhere the araucaria pines rain...

Marija Dejanović, Croatia

Marija Dejanović, CroatiaThe PoemsAubade Aubade is a buffaloIt unwraps its horns like a lotusand water is dew, strewn with a fainttwist of the neck. This mist forms a thindense layer of fur that trails its spinelike a white deer trails trafficwh...

Marco Martos, Peru

Marco Martos, PeruThe PoemsAbraxasAbraxas escapes with time and hurts with the spear of lovewhile he flees.Returns with the flowers, returns with the heat, with the dense trees,he returns with the cold.Returns with the snow, creates the illusion of h...

Paura Rodríguez Leytón, Bolivia

Paura Rodríguez Leytón, BoliviaThe PoemsSmall MovesWill it be incessant forgetfulnesstaking us by the hand,to calculate the chasms?Dwelling in this small spaceis to be a hodgepodge of souls.To hoe and to coverthe hollowwith the same yearningmakes us ...

Ana Arzoumanian, Argentina

 Ana Arzoumanian, Argentina The PoemsShe, the never daughter/ Ella, la nunca hijaPoem 1She didn't speakfor a few days,nothing to voice;petrified in her throata squeezed flow of ants,an accumulation of ropes,columns of fumesticky with insect...

Mai Văn Phấn, Vietnam

Mai Văn Phấn, Vietnam Bitter Potion The PoemsBitter Potion (For Ngọc Trâm)As fever is burning you on its pyreI become ash tooThe bitter potion cannot wait any moreHolding your hand                    ...

Ioana Gruia, Spain

Ioana Gruia, SpainThe PoemsA woman in the sun There is nothing more absolute than a body.I imagine the storyof this naked and pensive womanthat resembles me.She is the lady of loneliness longing fora stormy love, an impetuous seawaythat, at the same ...

Andrés Álvarez Arboleda, Colombia

 Andrés Álvarez Arboleda, Colombia LIKE A WARY BIRD WAR The PoemsTHAT SMELL OF DEAD TREESThat smell of dead trees arrived with midnight: it was you, the announcement of your lingering on this bank of the river. It was you and news of war navigat...

Elizabeth L.A Kamara, Sierra Leone

Elizabeth L.A Kamara, Sierra LeoneThe PoemsBE KIND TO NATURELet her be your mother Or beloved wifeOr doted child.Love her.Cherish her.Plant her trees to capture waterAnd give you peace.Food for you and generations unborn.Her trees you blacken into li...

Panayiotis Nikolaides, Cyprus

 Panayiotis Nikolaides, Cyprus HOW CAN YOU LOVE A POEM The PoemsHOW CAN YOU LOVE A POEM How can you love a poemwhen the deepest meaningof poetryis neither usefulnor fancyand among those writtenno poem was ever really necessaryfor survival.How ca...

Vitomirka Trebovac, Serbia

 Vitomirka Trebovac, SerbiaThe Poemsoppositesin front of the'olga petrov'retirement homea man kisseda woman's handshe raised her headand he blushedand what happened afterI don't knowbecause the wheels of my bicycleare bigand I'malready in anothe...

Iván Oñate, Ecuador

 Iván Oñate, Ecuador Apocryphal biography of Borges The PoemsApocryphal biography of Borges for María Esther VázquezMothertake pity on Borgesthe lovestricken. Watch over himso he won't slip. Your child is boundto the worst kind of blindness...

Elizabeth Grech, Malta

 Elizabeth Grech, Malta The sun going down in the sea The PoemsThe sun going down in the seaHelp me go to sleep, mum,you said.The sun's going down in the seabut I can't sleep.My boy,count the stickson the path to school,the pebbles, the shells t...

Ana Victoria Padilla Onatra, Colombia

Ana Victoria Padilla Onatra, Colombia Furniture in a box The PoemsFurniture in a boxThere is something hidden in the act of collecting boxesin the act of sorting them out to contain the worldor creating a little poetic scenerywhere you can remai...

Dimitris Kosmopoulos, Greece

Dimitris Kosmopoulos, Greece
Dimitris Kosmopoulos, GreeceThe PoemsFlight His favourite game was to cut out bird shapes from newspaper pages. Small ones and larger ones, some with open wings others ona branch.Later, he placed them in a white chest under the bed. At night,&nb...

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