Patras World Poetry Festival 2023

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5h “Patras World Poetry Festival”

“From Hippocrates to poetry therapy”




Along with many other important international participations and a rich event programme, this year, the 5th “Patras World Poetry Festival” is going to be held between the 1 and 4 of September, in different cultural locations of Patras and not only.

After two years of online realization of the Festival, Patras is again glad to receive in person 65 important poets from 13 different countries, 20 among them, being poets from abroad. This year’s programme has in store many surprises for the participants and for the audience, with visits and poetry recitations in particular places and in alternative ways.

The subject area of PWPF2022 concerns the healing properties of art and especially of poetry and it is entitled “From Hippocrates to poetry therapy”, so the complete action programme was planned with the purpose of creating a back – to - back interaction of arts, poetry and psychology.

The events are going to take place in the mornings and in the evenings in different locations of Patras every time, such as the Epikentro Theatre, the Foundation of Hellenic Diaspora, Achaia Clauss Winery  and the Villa of Kolla, while the last recitation is going to take place in Ancient Olympia through an all – day excursion of experiential character. The programme includes further guided tours, food and wine tasting and activities of cultural tourism, in order for the visitors to obtain the best possible experience from our land!

Ιmportant guests participate at the events, among them ambassadors of collaborating countries, internationally renowned academics, belletrists and representatives of entities.

Special moments of the Festival are the tribute to the poet Titos Patrikios, the Round Table with the subject “Healing through Poetry”, the visit at the “Foundation of Hellenic Diaspora” with its art exhibitions from important emigrant Greek artists and the set to music poetry event, entitled “Like a Shiver...”, which is going to take place at the Honorable Evening of the Festival.

All the events are open for the audience with FREE entrance.


At the same time. The Festival converses with visual arts and hosts two visual and one photographical project.

  • Art Platform | Lagrange Points

In passing of the collaboration of the contemporary art gallery “Cube Gallery” and Liana Zoza as a curator, with Patras World Poetry Festival, the art platform “Lagrange Points” was created.

The idea came up simultaneously with the proposition for the presentation of the two on going art projects “Open Studio” and “Invisible cities”, during the Festival and under the common title “L3 point”, at the same time with the desire for the continuation of the creative meetings of all forms of art.

Even if the term is a loan from the mechanics of celestial bodies, which discusses the rules of equilibrium and affinity of their relationship and coexistence, it also works with the same equilibrium at the coexistence of different art forms.


  • Peny Delta poet portraits

During the Festival, the photographer Peny Delta is going to create the portraits of the participant at the Festival poets and poetesses, which are going to be used at the archive of the Poetry Office and in the related publishing of the Festival.


The World Patras Poetry Festival is organized by the “Poetry Office” of Patras and the CultureBook (, with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Region of Western Greece, the Regional Union of Municipalities of Western Greece, the the University of Patras, the University of Western Macedonia, the Hellenic Open University, the Poetry Festival of Larnaka, the Embassy of Hungary, the Embassy of Czech Republic and the Athens Czech Center,  the Embassy of Poland, the Greek Library of London, the World Poetry Movement, the Epikentro Theatre, the Cube Gallery and other entities. It is under the evaluation of Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Tourism.


Patras World Poetry Festival forms one of the greatest literature institutions in Greece, the greatest of the Region, and has already stood out amongst the most estimable Festivals all over the world. Each year it receives important names of world literature and it offers an abundant programme of events, including poetry readings, presentations, meetings and cultural galas. Its vision is to promote the Greek literary creation globally and to popularize the capital of West Greece as a European literature center. Through its actions, it communicates with Chairs of Hellenic studies all over the world and it catalogues the recent poetry production.


*The organising of the Festival has a non-profitable character in every aspect and the participation of the people is costless.




“Like a Shiver...”


Like the way a note touches the word,

And oxygen life.

Music fights against verse, in a fight for love, man, society, existence, love, hate, passion and nature.



Yorgos Georgiadis, Mandolin (evikoon melos)

Sani Peta, Mandolin (evikoon melos)

Yannis Anagnostopoulos, Guitar

Thomas Pallas, Guitar

Andreas Zafiropoulos, Piano

Themis Martekas, Percussion



Hristos Konstantopoulos

Dora Mpeleri


Artistic curation

Yannis Anagnostopoulos




Yannis Anagnostopoulos

Yorgos Georgiadis







20.00 // Theatre Epikentro+

Welcome Drink

1st Cycle of Poetic Readings

Presentation L3 point: on going art projects “Open Studio” & amp “Invisible Cities”

Dinner for the participants



11.00 // Theatre Epikentro

2nd Cycle of Poetic Readings

Round Table on the subject “The Healing Properties of Poetry”

Free Programme – Knowing the City


19.00 // Winery Achaia Clauss

Guided tour at the Winecastle

3rd Cycle of Poetic Readings

Dinner for the participants



11.00 // Foundation Greek Diaspora, Kastritsi

Guided Tour at the Exhibition of Greek artists of Diaspora

4th Cycle of Poetic Readings

Lunch for the participants


20.00 // Villa Kolla

Formal Ceremony

Greetings – speeches

5th Cycle of Poetic Readings

Honorable Evening for Titos Patrikios

Concert with Poetry set to Music “Like a Shiver...”

Official Reception at Achaia Clauss



09.00-20.00 // Ancient Olympia

Excursion to Ancient Olympia

Guided Tour at the archaeological site

Visit of the Digital Museum 1821 – Krestena

15.00 // Lunch for the Participants

17.30 // 6th Cycle of Poetic Readings


The programme also includes:


- Tribute “meet the poets” from presentation of the participants and diffusion in social networks

- Anthology of the Festival. Offspring of the organization and a literature consignment constitutes the collective trilingual Edition (and e- book) with the poems of the participants, in each one’s language, in Greek and in English.

- Art Platform | Lagrange Points / simultaneously with the presentation of the participants at the the art platform Lagrange Points is created

- Peny Delta poet portaits / During the Festival, the photographer Peny Delta is going to create the portraits of the participant poets and poetesses, which are also going to be used at the relevant publication of the Festival





ALBANIA     Alma Braja

BULGARY    Roman Kissiov, Nadya Radulova

ITALY            Matthias Tarantino

CZECH REPUBLIC Josef Hrdlička, Jan Škrob, Tim Postovit

CROATIAN   Marija Dejanović

CYPRUS        Eleni Artemiou-Fotiadou

HUNGARY    Weiner Sennyei Tibor, Izsó Zita, Bek Timur

NORTH MACEDONIA  Michailo Svidersky, Andrej Al Asadi, Gjoko Zdraveski

POLAND        Anna Adamowicz, Antonina Tosiek

SERBIA          Ana Marija Grbić

SLOVENIA    Petra Kolmancic

USA                Don Schofield



Kyriaki-Koula Adaloglou, Giannis Alexandropoulos, Popi Aroniada, Anna Afentoulidou, Spyros L. Vrettos, Thanos Gogos, Yiannis Doukas, Lena Kallergi,, Dimitris Kalokiris , Kostas Kanavouris, Menelaos Karalis, Christos Katroutsos, Nikos Katsalidas, Giorgos Kozias,, Alexandros Kordas, Elsa Korneti, Dimitris Kosmopoulos, Giorgos Koutouvelas, Chloe Koutsoumpeli, Kostas A. Kremmydas, Triantafyllos H. Kotopoulos, Vasilis Ladas, Konstantinos Ch. Loukopoulos, Alexandra Bakonika, Theocharis Bikiropoulos, Konstantinos Bouras, Vasilis Pandis, Theofanis Papageorgiou, Sotirios Pastakas, Titos Patrikios, Aggeliki Pechlivani, Eleni Sigalou, Angeliki Sidira Papakosta, Antonis D. Skiathas, Yannis Stefanakis, Manos Stefanidis, Vangelis Tasiopoulos, John Tolias, Lina Fitili, Thanassis Hatzopoulos




Statement of Antonis Skiathas (President of the Poetry Office)

The Patras World Poetry Festival has created an international institution of literature that honors Greek letters, promotes Greek poetry and brings in contact Greek poets and poetesses with related poets and poetesses from all over the world.

Along its way, poets and poetesses from fifty countries have conversed at the Patras World Poetry Festival.

It is extremely important for all of us at the Poetry Office that the Festival is a matter of the whole town, as panhellenic, regional, local, institutions, businesses, citizens stand for the organising by every means.

The Ministry of Culture, the Region of Western Greece and the University of Patras are some of the institutions that support it.

The publishing that is been organized and the events at emblematic locations of the wider area like Achaia Clauss, the museum Diaspora, form the Festival’s identity.

At the same time, the synergism with cultural institutions and the connection of Poetry with other arts like music, visual arts, photography create all things that make the Festival unique.


Andrea Quinones Rubio, Chile



Besa poco a poco cada superficie que me disfraza
Lame cada resto de maquillaje que habita en mí
Respira cerca de cada cavidad que aún me pertenece,
antes que te pertenezca totalmente,
succiona cada flujo que transita dentro de mí.

Quítame lentamente la ropa,
con esa concupiscencia que me arrebata,
abrázame hasta traspasarme
y fundirnos en un solo cuerpo.

Mírame sin piedad,
déjame que me exceda, déjame entregarme.

Inspecciona cada milímetro de mi espalda,
deja que emita gemidos en cada descarga
después del corrientazo descontrolado
que provocas con tus caricias desgarradoras.

Ahora déjame a mí
indagar por tu piel
dejar el rastro de mi humor incoloro
de las glándulas de mi boca
y succionar con ganas locas
cada articulación de tu cuerpo.

Déjame besarte tan suave
hasta hacerte renunciar a lo vivido,
déjame besarte tan pujantemente hasta sofocarte y
desordenar tus sentidos.

Déjame cabalgar sobre ti,
dentro de ti,
recorrer a prisa y sin freno,
acelerando tu corazón
desordenando tu cerebro
hasta que tiembles
hasta que tus manos desesperadamente
busquen mi cuerpo.

Ahora ven tú,
Con tu látigo atraviesa lentamente
cada parte de mí,
hasta pulverizarme
y reconstruirme.

Yo te daré el refugio: vierte sobre mí esa esperma candente
Que me llene, sin ultraje


Let me

Little by little kiss every surface that disguises me
Lick every trace of makeup that lives in me
Breathe close to each cavity that still belongs to me,
before it totally belongs to you,
suck every flow that runs inside me.

Slowly take off my clothes
with that concupiscence that carries me away,
hug me until you pass me by
and we merge into a single body.

Mercilessly look at me
Let me overstep, let me surrender myself

Inspect every inch of my back,
let me moan with every discharge
after the uncontrolled current
that you provoke with your heartbreaking caresses.

Now let me
inquire your skin
leave the trace of my colorless humor
from the glands of my mouth
and suck with crazy desire
every joint in your body.

Let me kiss you so softly
until I make you renounce what you have lived,
let me kiss you so forcefully until you suffocate and
I mess up your senses

Let me ride on you,
inside you,
wander fast and with no brake,
speeding up your heart
messing up your brain
until you shake
until your hands desperately
look for my body

Now you come,
With your whip slowly traverse
every part of me,
until you pulverize me
and rebuild me.

I will give you shelter: pour on me that hot sperm
That fills me, with no outrage


Yo Soy Esa

Yo soy esa
las miles de mujeres que habitan en tu espalda
las provocadoras de tus insomnios y de tus sueños
las que viven en tus extremidades cuando estás sin mí.

Yo soy esa
la V de vagina, la Vargas, la Victoria
la Vanessa, la Valentina
la Chabela, la Salomé
y todas las letras de tu abecedario.

Yo soy esa
las modelos de tus fotografías
las muñecas de tus pinturas tus fantasías, tus verdades.

Yo soy esa
todas las que nombras
las que callas pero en ellas piensas
deseas, amas
desde siempre, desde cerca, desde lejos.

Yo soy esa
la intensa, la nada
la madre, la hija, la tía, la hermana
la esposa, la amante
la frígida, la ninfómana, la devoradora
la Doña Bárbara.

Yo soy esa
la niña, la adolescente
la muda, la elocuente
la simpática, la amargada
la humilde, la prepotente
la liberal, la controladora
la bondadosa, la egoísta
la mujer de mundo, la niña de su casa
la pobre aburguesada, la socialista
la mujer de calle, la luchadora.

Yo soy esa
la que escribe, actúa
inventa, produce
calcula, analiza
sintetiza, ordena
manda, intuye, resuelve
la impulsiva
la que gana, la que pierde.

Yo soy esa
la que se esconde, la que se asoma
la que vigila y se expone
soy la luz, la sombra
la blanco y negro
soy todos los colores.

Yo soy esa
la que atormenta, la que calma
las ruedas de tus patines que te impulsan y te lastiman.

Yo soy esa
la que baila salsa entre sudores de otros
la que coquetea
y entre lágrimas de amor y
aprende tu lección de amor.

Yo soy esa
todas las mariposas que se posan en la flor de tu erótico jardín
y que coleccionas muertas en los abismos de tu closet.

Yo soy esa
la que está en el reflejo de tu espejo
detrás de tus pupilas
en la vorágine de tu

Yo soy esa
a la que se le eriza la piel solo con sentir como tus manos hablan de ella
a la que tocas como si fuera una planta, una flor
que arrancas lentamente para sembrarla en tu alma
cuidando que no muera.

Yo soy esa
a la que le duele el pecho porque su pesado corazón siente demasiado
se agranda
y el cuerpo se le hace pequeño por cargar el alma inundada de amor.

Yo soy esa
la que amanece en la cama ama tu café
y susurra a tu oído la poesía de sus gemidos
que provocas con cada beso hambriento de deseo y amor.

Yo soy esa
la junkie de tus besos
soy lo íntimo y lo universal
el todo
la nada

Todas las que amas
y ninguna.

soy yo.


That Is Me

That is me
the thousands of women who inhabit your back
the provocateurs of your insomnia and your dreams
the ones that live in your limbs when you are without me.

That is me
the V for vagina, Vargas, Victoria
the Vanessa, the Valentina
the Chabela, the Salome
and all the letters of your alphabet.

That is me
the models of your photographs
the dolls of your paintings, your fantasies, your truths.

That is me
all the ones you name
the ones you keep quiet about but you think about them
you want, you love
forever, from near, from afar.

That is me
the intense, the nothing
mother, daughter, aunt, sister
the wife, the mistress
the frigid, the nymphomaniac, the devourer
Lady Barbara.

That is me
the girl, the teenager
the mute, the eloquent
the nice one, the bitter one
the humble, the arrogant
the liberal, the controlling
the kind, the selfish
the woman of the world, the girl next door
the poor bourgeoisie, the socialist
the street woman, the fighter.

That is me
the one who writes, acts
invents, produces
calculates, analyzes
synthesizes, commands
mandates, intuits, resolves
the impulsive
the one who wins, the one who loses.

That is me
the one that hides, the one that shows up
the one that watches and exposes herself
I am the light, the shadow
the black and white
I am all colors

That is me
the one that torments, the one that calms
the wheels of your skates that propel you and hurt you.

That is me
the one who dances salsa in the sweat of others
the one who flirts
and between tears of love and
learns your love lesson.

That is me
all the butterflies that perch on the flower of your erotic garden
and that you collect
dead in the abysses of your closet.

That is me
the one in the reflection of your mirror, behind your pupils
in the maelstrom of your brain.

That is me
the one whose skin bristles by feeling how your hands talk about her
the one you touch as if it was a plant, a flower, which you slowly dig up to sow it in your soul, taking care
it does not die

That is me
whose chest aches
because her heavy heart feels too much
it gets bigger
and her body gets smaller
for carrying the flooded soul with love.

That is me
the one who wakes up in bed
loves your coffee
and whispers in your ear the poetry of her moans that you provoke with each hungry kiss for desire and love.

That is me
the junkie to your kisses
I am the intimate and the universal
the everything
the nothing

All the ones you love and none.

it's me.

The Poetess

Andrea Quiñones Rubio, Viña del Mar (Chile) 1971.

Since 1978 she has lived in Venezuela, cultivating a multifaceted mind that leads her to start poetry at the age of 13 and then write theater, stories, chronicles and other genres.

Actress, director, producer, writer, poet, photographer, plastic artist
and goldsmith. He studied at the National Experimental University of
the arts; Promotion and Cultural Management in the School of Cultural Promoters and Drawing and Plastic Arts, Arts of Fire and Photography at the Armando Reverón School.

She was a music producer for well-known urban bands from Venezuela, Director of Cultural Heritage of the State Directorate of Culture Anzoátegui, co-founder of La Puerta Laboratorio Teatral and Executive Director of the National Record Center and Director of the printed magazine Épale CCS.

She is currently part of the Sylvia Mendoza Alternative Theater Group and is a producer for the Compañía Nacional de Danza de Venezuela.

His poem "I am that" was selected
for the anthology "100 Women Poets" by the Colombian publishing house
Nine Editors where almost 2000 women poets from around the world participated.

The publishing house La Hoja de la Calle published his first book of poetry "Fantasmas de la piel y other kisses"

He has participated in: World Poetry Festivals in Venezuela from 2013 to 2023; the International Book Fair from 2020 to 2022; at the Caracas Book Fair from 2021 to 2023; at the 2022 Book Fair of the Andrés Bello Catholic University; At the Southern Poetic Meeting from 2019 to 2023 and at the Meeting of Creative Women on Stage 2020, 2022 and 2023, she presented her musical poetry recitals and also her work "El Sobre", authored and directed by her.
He has performed poetic musical recitals outside of Venezuela: Cuba (2011 and 2013) and in Chile (2009 and 2015).

Daniel Montoya, Colombia
Denis Skofic, Slovenia


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