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Andrej Al-Asadi

Andrej Al-Asadi: I have written four books of poetry and two books of short stories. With two poetry books, “Under the dervish’s hat” (2018) and “Heavenly geometry” (2020) I was in the top five contenders for the prestigious “Brother Miladinov” Award at the Struga Poetry Evenings. However, the greatest inspirations for a poet aren’t awards but people. They’re the main reason why this festival could boost my writing potential; get me acquainted with the international writing scene and the prevalent writing trends in Europe. The festival is a great way to promote one’s poetry, the dominant poetics and sensibility of the country he lives in and hopefully, inspire discussions and intercultural interaction. Greece is all about culture and that’s why I think that the festival in Patras will be a poetic utopia where the mind will bubble with fresh verses and deepened sensibility of one’s place in the world.