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Daniel Montoya

Daniel Montoya is a poet, narrator and professor at Ibagué University

Master in Neuropsychology and Education at University of La Rioja, in Spain, with a degree in Spanish Language at University of Tolima. Member of the National Network of Creative Writing, Relata-Liberatura. Member of the Colombian Academic Network of Higher Education Institutions, Redlees, and active member of the World Poetry Movement (WPM).
Winner of the 41st Ibero-American Poetry Prize Juan Ramón Jiménez in Spain (2021). Winner of the 9th Granajoven Poetry Prize, in Granada, Spain (2018). Second prize in the 15th Bonaventurian International Poetry Contest, in Colombia, (2018).
He has written the collections of poems “The Book of Errors (El libro de los errores) in 2018, “Air Polyptych (Políptico del aire) in 2018, “Paternity manual (Manual de Paternidad) in 2019 and “Humboldt’s Notes (Los apuntes de Humboldt) in 2021.
He has also published several anthologies of short stories and poetry.