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M. Seppola Simonsen

M. Seppola Simonsen is a queer Kven poet and artist from the arctic region of Northern Norway. In 2022, they debuted with the collection ‘Syđänmettä // Hjerteskog’ (Heartforest); an investigation of Kven identity and loss of language in contemporary Norway. This collection was well received, winning both the Tariej Vesaas debut prize, and the Havmann price. In 2023, Seppola Simonsen’s published their second poetry collection, titled “Den tredje” (The Third), which seeks to develop its own language in order to find – and embrace – a third position, one between male and female. Concerned with questions of identity and language, nature and power, the young poet writes in dialog with an everchanging political climate. Seppola Simonsen currently lives in Oslo, where they study environment and development at the University of Oslo.