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Norys Odalia Saavedra Sanchez

Norys Odalia Saavedra Sanchez is a poet, narrator and editor. She was born in Lara-Venezuela on February 29. Descendant of goat herders. Mention in the National Literature Contest “Rafael María Baralt”, Venezuela 2015. He studied Social Work at the School of Social Workers of Holguín and Matanzas (Cuba). Books: De arid solitudes (Cenal, Pío Tamayo Editorial Fund, Lara State Writers Association, 2007). Threads of Cocuiza, Monte Ávila Latin American Publishers, Altazor Collection, 2009; Collected poetry (1998-2008). Plaquette “Burn the grass next to the Wall”, Ediciones Madriguera, Coro, Venezuela, 2016. Plaquette “Inmarcesible 2.50”, Ultramarina editions, 2021. “Girls don’t cry”. Lp5 editor, Santiago de Chile, 2021. “Half a heart of the flock” (Poetry), Pruka Editions. Coro, Venezuela, 2023. He has represented Venezuela in Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador. Translated into English, Arabic, Galician, Greek, Italian. She was honored at the International Book Fair of Venezuela, chapter Lara, Venezuela, 2023.