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Piergiorgio Viti

Piergiorgio Viti lives in Italy, where he is a middle school teacher. His poems are translated into 4 languages. In 2010, his critical intervention was published for the catalog, also translated into Mandarin Chinese. In 2011 he published the first poetic collection. He also wrote for the theater: “The fable of Virginio and Virgilio” with famous singer Tosca as protag-onist and “Ray’s dreams” (dedicated to Ray Charles) with an important actor as Carlo Di Maio. He went on stage in the theater as author and acting voice for “The voice of man”, a tribute to the song-writer Sergio Endrigo. He also translated “The Preludes” by Alphonse de Lamartine with a reading by Ugo Pagliai and Paola Gassmann for “Armonie della Sera” festival. In 2016 he was part, together with other poets and writers, of the photographic-editorial project “Memory Card” (Hacca Edizioni). In 2017, his contribution came out for a “Small inquiry into provincialism”. In 2019 he published the third poetic book. In 2020, he was the only Italian to participate in the international project “Infusions poétiques” by the artist Cécile A. Holdban, with 173 other poets from around the world.