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Sofia Perdiki

Sofia Perdiki was born in Thessaloniki, and lives and works there. She studied at the School of Applied Arts “Vakalo” and at the School of Fine Arts of Saint-Étienne. Her visual work has been presented in individual and group exhibitions. Her poems have been published in various literary magazines, in the collective volume of the CRAFT group (“mikres ekdoseis”, 2015) and in the periodical prose and poetry anthologies diP generation (“Thraka” publications, 2016, “Mandragoras” publications, 2017 and 2020). Her poetry collection “The Eternal Enigma” was published by “Kichli” publications in 2020. In 2021, Sofia Perdiki was awarded the “Jean Moréas” and “Maria Polydouri” poetry awards for her first poetry collection, which was also shortlisted by the literary magazine “O Anagnostis”, in the category of ” poets first book award “.