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Anna Adamowicz

Anna Adamowicz was born in Lubin, Poland, in 1993. She is a medical laboratory scientist, but also a poet and author of the following poetry volumes: Wątpia (2016), Animalia (2019), Nebula (2020), zmyśl[]zmysł (2021, as her alter ego Laura Osińska). She was nominated for the Gdynia Literary Prize for her debut poetry book Wątpia. She was nominated for the Cultural Award of Gazeta Wyborcza Journal WARTO twice (2020, 2021). She received the Wisława Szymborska Poetry Prize for her second poetry book Animalia. Her poems were published in numerous magazines at home and abroad and translated into Czech, English, Hungarian, Russian, Slovenian and Ukrainian. She took part in several literary events in Poland and two foreign festivals: Poetry Cork Festival in Ireland and PesText in Hungary. She lives and works in Wrocław, Poland.