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Eleni Arapi

Born and bred in Piraeus, Eleni Arapi has been a teacher of Literature and ancient Greek since she graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy (National Kapodistrian University of Athens). Literary criticism essays and poems written by her have been published in printed and on-line journals. Her first poetry collection under the title I breathe with gills was published in 2016 by Gavrielidis publications and the second entitled Small borderland was published in 2021 by Iolkos publications. In September 2022 she participated as a guest speaker at the 5th International Creative Writing Conference in Palermo. In May 2023 she participated with a short story in the collective publication Her Voice by Kastaniotis publications. Since September 2021 Eleni Arapi has been working on her master’s degree in Interinstitutional Master of Arts in Creative Writing (University of Western Macedonia and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).