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Katerina Rudcenkova

Author of poetry, prose and drama

She has written four poetry collections, a collection of stories called Noci, noci (Nights, Nights, 2004) and short novel Amáliina nehybnost (Amalia´s Inertia, 2021). In 2003, she received the German Hubert Burda Award for young Eastern European poets. Her theatre play Niekur was awarded in the Alfred Radok Awards competition in 2006 and was staged in Prague in 2008. In 2007, she won a residency for international playwrights at the Royal Court Theatre in London. Her latest poetry collection Chůze po dunách (The Walking on Dunes, 2013) was awarded The Magnesia Litera Prize in 2014, her short novel Amáliina nehybnost got the Literary Award of a weekly Reflex in 2021. Her texts have been translated to twenty languages, her poetry collections have been published in UK, Austria, Serbia and Greece (Περπατώντας στους Αμμόλοφους, 2020).