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Pavel Piekar

Pavel Piekar was born on July 18th, 1960, in Ostrava, Czech Republic. He has been living and working as printmaker in Prague since his graduation from the Czech Technical University in 1983. With private training in art studios of Doc. Bohuslav Kutil, and Jenny & Jan Hladík, Piekar has mastered his drawing skills and brought to mere perfection the printmaking technique of colour linocut. He uses between 5-50 colours in multi-block printing, depending on the selected subject matter.
He transforms his realistic drawings, landscapes and portraits, through their precise division into a complex matrix that allows him to use multiple colours. Piekar creates unique author´s fine art prints in limited editions, using mix of graphic and oil inks.
While primarily recognized as an artist, Piekar ventured into poetry in 2007. His poetry cycle titled “Orfeus” was engraved into a linoleum print and published in 2008.
Since 1990, P. Piekar has maintained a consistent presence in the art world through regular solo and group exhibitions. Additionally, he works also as curator for various exhibitions. His affiliation with the Czech artistic association “Umělecká beseda” and his presidency of the Czech Association of Graphic Artists “Hollar” since 2015 further solidify his esteemed position in the art community.
For 10 years, he has been managing the Czech pavilion at Venice Biennale.