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Romulo Bustos Aguirre

Romulo Bustos Aguirre was born in Santa Catalina de Alejandría, 1954 (Colombia). Poet, essayist and university professor.

Of metaphysical resonances, but always anchored in everyday life -and, in its last sections, of a decanted humor or irony-, his poetry has circulated widely in national and international events and publications, as well as in translations into other languages. It has also been collected in various compilations and anthologies, such as: Ese otro insondable sonido (2022), Muerte y levitación de la ballena y otros poemas (2020), La pupila incesante, Obra reunida (FCE, 2016), Poesía escogida (2014), De la dificultad para atrapar una mosca ( 2008).
Other titles: La oscilación perpetua (2022), Casa en el aire (2017) and Muerte de Dios y poesía moderna en Colombia (essay, University of Cartagena 2017).

In 1993 he received the National Poetry Prize of the Colombian Institute of Culture,
In 2019 he was awarded the National Poetry Prize of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia for the anthology De moscas y de Ángeles.

Doctor in Sciences of religions from the Complutense University of Madrid. Master in Latin American Literature from the Caro y Cuervo Institute.