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Mila Haugova

Mila Haugova, 1942, Slovak poetess writing about human relationship Woman&Man, mother and daughter and granddaughter. The important issiuis the relationship to tho world og Plannts &animal …/Plants are slow animals , I am a slow animal…MH:…
Her poetry was translated into English, German French, Spanish, Russisch, Slowenisch Greece and other languages. She become the European Literary Price Vilenica in 2020, The prestigious Dominic Tatarka Preis 2014 for poetra Book Cetonia Aurata and Autobiograph& The Hard Wood of Childhood. In January the first she was awarded with The Pribina cross for Literature from the President of Slowakia.
From her last poetry publishing : The Deer looking at the Polarstar, From Plantation,
The Compleet animalove